victorian school bell


We want to make visits to the History of Education Centre accessible for as many people as possible. Unfortunately we are currently unable to improve physical access to our building but we know this isn’t the only kind of access we might consider.

This page has been created with Autistic people in mind. If you have any suggestions about how we might further improve accessibility then we would be glad to hear them, please do email us.

We are aware that floor-plans and photographs can be very helpful because this enables people on the spectrum to do some of the visual processing in advance.

We have several more photographs available. These include the outside of our building, the entrance hall, the bathroom, the museum room and the schoolroom taken from another angle. Please contact our administrator, Julie Donald, if you would like to have them.


We are based within the grounds of a working Primary School which means sometimes it can get quite noisy.

1. The school’s nursery garden is right next to our building and some of their toys are attached to our wall. These toys are extremely noisy, a lot of them make a metallic clattering sound and there’s often banging. The school know our timetable and the children are told not to play with these toys
when we have a class in, but they are very young and so sometimes it happens anyway. There is also conversation, crying and sometimes screaming from the children.

2. At 10.30am the school children from Leith Walk Primary come outside for their break (except during very bad weather). They let off steam by screaming and shouting and sometimes they bang on our walls. Break-time finishes at 10.45am.

3. The role-play teacher can sometimes be very loud when she or he is being especially strict!

4. The tawse (aka the belt) is a long strip of leather which was used to punish Victorian children. While of course we never hit anyone with it, we do smack it off the teacher’s desk in the schoolroom and it is very loud. If you think someone will be particularly distressed by this, please just tell the volunteers and they will not do it.

5. The school’s fire alarm is unlikely to go off but it is always possible.

6. There is no music played during the visits. If you have any further questions please do get in touch.


History of Education Classroom Floorplan


History of Education Classroom