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Educational Benefits – The Curriculum for Excellence

A class Visit to the History of Education Centre (Victorian Schoolroom) can contribute to the Curriculum for Excellence in a number of ways.
Two Curriculum Areas relate to a visit:

  • Social Studies
  • and Technologies

A full description of the Experiences and Outcomes that can be achieved can be downloaded in this document.

Curriculum for Excellence Strand SOC-x-04a

People, past events and societies

P1: imaginative play will allow pupils to see how the lives of Victorian era school children were different from their own.
P2 to P4: pupils will be encouraged to compare aspects of their daily lives in the past with their own experience in the Victorian era schoolroom.
P5 to P7: pupils will be given the opportunity to compare and contrast Victorian era society with their own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences.


School Visits

If your school would like to visit the History of Education Centre, please email our administrator at:

Teacher & Visitor Testimonials

“It was super! It gave the children a taste of school in Victorian times and demonstrated some of the jobs that they would have helped with at home.”

“Thanks for taking me back in time.”

“Brilliant-brings back some memories of school: the benches, blackboards, the strap!”

“Brought history to life”

“You have given us lots to think and talk about.”

“Bring back the good old days!”