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Educational Benefits – The Curriculum for Excellence

A class Visit to the History of Education Centre (Victorian Schoolroom) can contribute to the Curriculum for Excellence in a number of ways.
Two Curriculum Areas relate to a visit:

  • Social Studies
  • and Technologies

A full description of the Experiences and Outcomes that can be achieved can be downloaded in this document.

Curriculum for Excellence Strand SOC-x-04a

People, past events and societies

P1: imaginative play will allow pupils to see how the lives of Victorian era school children were different from their own.
P2 to P4: pupils will be encouraged to compare aspects of their daily lives in the past with their own experience in the Victorian era schoolroom.
P5 to P7: pupils will be given the opportunity to compare and contrast Victorian era society with their own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences.

School Visits

If your school would like to visit the History of Education Centre, please email our administrator at:

Accessibility and Safety

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Teacher & Visitor Testimonials

“It was super! It gave the children a taste of school in Victorian Times and demonstrated some of the jobs that they would have helped with at home.”

“Thanks for taking me back in time.”

“Brilliant-brings back some memories of school the benches blackboards the strap!”

“Brought history to life”

“You have given us lots to think and talk about.”

“Bring back the good old days!”