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We can come to your school

Would you like a fun and educational visit to your school to enhance your Victorian project? The children will be able to find out for themselves what life was like to be a pupil in 1897. Two experienced costumed volunteer role-play teachers will deliver a Victorian-style lesson using authentic artefacts. All you have to do is provide an appropriate space, dress up Victorian style if you can, and we will do the rest.

Costume: girls

Any of these items:

  • long skirt
  • blouse (school shirt)
  • pinafore or apron
  • shawl
Costume: boys
  • baggy shirt
  • waistcoat

Curriculum for Excellence Strand SOC-x-04a

People, past events and societies

P1: imaginative play will allow pupils to see how the lives of Victorian era school children were different from their own.
P2 to P4: pupils will be encouraged to compare aspects of their daily lives in the past with their own experience in the Victorian era schoolroom.
P5 to P7: pupils will be given the opportunity to compare and contrast Victorian era society with their own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences.

A full description of the Experiences and Outcomes that can be achieved can be downloaded in this document.

Booking Information

Cost for a single-session Victorian Schoolroom experience (up to 2 classes) lasting approximately 2hrs: £100

The History of Education Centre volunteers will follow all protocols and School Risk Assessments for the establishment. Volunteers will wear face masks on entering buildings and in corridors.

For further information and booking, please email us at