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We can come to your school

Does your school use the topic ‘Victorians’ or ‘Long Ago’? Would you like a fun and educational visit to your own school which would assist in arriving at the relevant Curriculum for Excellence outcomes?

The History of Education Centre in Edinburgh has been providing the opportunity for pupils to visit a Victorian classroom for over 30 years now. However, we know from feedback that schools which are further away from us may find it difficult to travel to our centre on public transport and the cost of private transport can be prohibitive. We are also aware that our current premises are not easily accessible for those who use wheelchairs, so we have an exciting new outreach programme to offer to schools.

The outreach project will bring a shortened version of our Victorian themed session to your school. The children will be able to find out for themselves what life was like for a Victorian schoolchild. Two experienced, costumed volunteer role-play teachers will deliver an authentic lesson and provide slates, the tawse, Victorian household items, photographs and Victorian toys.

Curriculum for Excellence Strand SOC-x-04a

People, past events and societies

P1: imaginative play will allow pupils to see how the lives of Victorian era school children were different from their own.
P2 to P4: pupils will be encouraged to compare aspects of their daily lives in the past with their own experience in the Victorian era schoolroom.
P5 to P7: pupils will be given the opportunity to compare and contrast Victorian era society with their own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences.

Booking Information

The session will last around one hour at a time of your choosing (subject to the availability of volunteers). The cost is £4 per pupil with a minimum charge of £50. We would prefer a maximum number of 30 pupils per session. These sessions are ideal for P5 to P7 in particular. If you would like to book two sessions on the same day to accommodate a second class, we can arrange that (price per pupil will still apply).

For further information and booking, please email us at